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The inspiration around Hartford was born in New York City in 1979. Yves Chareton  lands in NYC with the idea to recreate vintage shirts from the 50’s similar to he ones he could find Parisien flea market back in the days: from the  ubiquitouss ‚buttons down’ shirt in faded plaids or bright oxford to ‚westerns’ in raw denim or ‚ work-shirt’ in chambray.
Thanks to manufacturer who believed in that vision, Yves was able to launch a casual and cool line of vintage-inspired shirts. Hartford was an isntant success and fans such as Bruce Springsteen ordered dozens of shirts from Ron Herman in L.A. for his tour.
Hartford became synonymous with quality fabrics, rich colors and authenticity. Yves has an eye for refined prints and mixing fabrics in harmony.


Website: Hartford