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For over eight years, the two of us have been leading a gastronomical enterprise in Zurich. During that period the idea of “Nook” was conceived and continued to evolve in our minds. Nook is the expression of our passion for fashion and style, it is the realization of a deep longing and the materialization of a cherished dream.
Nook, symbolizing a recess of seclusion or security, offers carefully chosen garments for children and adolescents aged 2 to 16 years, in a marvelously stylish hideout in the heart of Zurich, where we welcome you.
Our selected brands for Nook, will surprise you every new season with stylish and trendy outfits of highest quality standards. We attach great importance to a broad variety of classic and extravagant pieces for our age groups, whereas functionality is always a priority.

Nook awaits you with Joy!

Nina von Malaisé und Lea Derungs