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Carola Huidobro graduated with Honor Matrícula by the Superior Center of Design and Fashion of Madrid belonging to the Universidad Politectina de Madrid.

She began her career with the opportunity Loewe gave her to practice in the office in Madrid. The passage through the prestigious company made the love for things well done remain "engraved by fire" in the designer and since then this idea has always been present in all the work that has done.

She had her own company of design and manufacture of skin complements and later worked in the firm Tintoretto belonging to El Corte Inglés as responsible for product complements.

After 18 years of dedication to the design and manufacture of accessories and with the inspiration of her daughter Carola feels the need for change and creates ROPACHICA, a clothing line for girls that represents simplicity, honesty and authenticity. Clothes designed for girls, understanding "girl" as an attitude and not as an age.

In each collection you will find a mixture of elegance, simplicity and difference through the unexpected. Comfortable, combinable and specially designed for "girls".


Website: Ropachica